Did you work for a company in the Global Interactive Group?

Global Interactive Group Pty Ltd (Global Interactive Group) operates on the ODCO contracting model to sell products for end clients such as Smith Family Foundation and other charities.
Typically, workers enter into a contract with a nominee company of a labour hire company to provide services to a marketing company in the Global Interactive Group.
If you were a worker engaged to provide services to a marketing company in the Global Interactive Group, you may have a claim.

What is your FairGo action?

We are collaborating with the National Union of Workers to bring a group action on behalf of individuals who have worked in direct sales marketing positions as independent contractors.

Our claimants working in direct sales marketing roles for Aida, Credico, Global Interactive and PCA Group report:

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What is Sham Contracting?

When a company says that the people that work for them are independent contractors, but the company treats them like employees, it is called “sham contracting”.

If you signed an independent contractor agreement, this does not always mean that you are an independent contractor. You may be an employee if:

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Claim Summary

Based on our instructions, it appears that direct sales marketing workers in Aida, Credico, Global Interactive and PCA Group were likely miscategorised as independent contractors and should be recognised as employees.

If you are an employee, you are entitled to certain benefits that independent contractors are not, including:

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Claimant Timeline

Employment disputes like this one can take 12 to 18 months to get a result, and may require the dispute to be heard in court so that a judge can decide the outcome.

Your journey from here will look like this:

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Enough is Enough!

The National Union of Workers is a collective of tens of thousands of members across Australia who are unified to fight for decent working conditions, living wages, and a fair go for Australian workers. The NUW represents workers in sales and marketing. The NUW is proud to partner with Chamberlains Law Firm in bringing a group claim against Aida, Credico, Global Interactive and PCA Group, acting as the named applicant to ensure that a fair and equitable outcome can be reached on behalf of workers.
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