Have you worked in sales and marketing company and been unfairly treated?

We are running several claims in the sales and marketing industry for wage underpayments and other
unfair treatment in the workplace.

See if the company you worked for is being investigated by Your Fair Go!

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Don’t see the company you worked for? Tell us your story and our team of lawyers can investigate your claim!

Unsure if you have been underpaid?

Use our minimum wage calculator to find out!

Every employee in Australia is entitled to a minimum wage and we are committed to getting underpaid direct sales and marketing employees the wage they deserve.

  • Did you earn less than this amount per week? Get in touch with us and get back what you may be owed!

    *The award entitlements are likely higher than this figure and overtime payments can be significant. This figure is an estimate based on the current minimum wage in Australia
Tell Us Your Story

We are currently running claims on behalf of direct sales workers. Based on our instructions, the workers were miscategorised as independent contractors and should be recognised as employees.

If you are an employee, you are entitled to certain benefits that independent contractors are not, including:

  • a minimum wage;
  • sick leave, annual leave and leave loading (where applicable);
  • superannuation contributions from your employer;
  • other entitlements like travel allowance, meal allowance, living away from home allowance, uniform allowance etc (where applicable).

If you signed an independent contractor agreement, this does not always mean that you are an independent contractor. You may be an employee if:

  • you are being given specific directions about how to perform your work;
  • you are required to work a set of standard hours;
  • you were provided with the tools and material to perform your role;
  • your role was expected to be ongoing with promises of “career progression”;
  • you could not promote your own brand separately when selling any products.
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